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Support in Džiugo str. 6, Telšiai

Supporting with clothes and other items

A space has already been opened (address Džiugo str. 6, Telšiai), where support is accepted and distributed (household items, clothes, shoes, etc.) war in Ukraine for refugees! We invite you to visit all guests from Ukraine and choose the necessary things for yourself, clothes as needed for free! Вже відкрито приміщення (адреса вул. Джюго, 6, Тельшяй), де здійснюється прийом та роздача допомоги (предмети побуту, одяг, взуття тощо)війна в Україні за біженців!Запрошуємо вас відвідати всіх гостей з України та безкоштовно вибрати потрібні вам речі та одяг!

Katedros a. 3, Telšiai

Ukrainian Community Center

Since April this year,Monday from 6 p.m., members of the Ukrainian community gather at the UKRAINIAN COMMUNION CENTER at the address - Cathedral a. 3, Telšiai. In meetings with coffee, a cup of tea, your experiences, problems are shared, and joint activities are also organized. We invite all refugees of the war in Ukraine who are staying in Telšiai district to actively participate!